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Lift-off Processor(Batch type)

Lift-off Processor(Batch type)

Our know-how accumulated through research and development activities for years are integrated. The down flow will effect on the reduction in processing time and improvement in yield.


Reinforcement of Lift Off Releasing Force

  • Powerful down-flow is added as a new action to the conventional three actions of swelling, oscillation, and ultrasonic for peeling. The peeling in shorter time is achieved. By these four powers.

Innovative Ultrasonic Irradiation System

  • Improved of non-uniformity between batches by our originally developed multi-axis-driven ultrasonic system.

Perfect separation of sludge from the chemical liquid in the cycled line allowed by more efficient sludge collection

  • Installation of our originally developed sludge collection unit in the circulation line.
  • Absence of sludge residue is achieved by dropping all the remaining chemical liquid into the circulation line at the end of processing.

Fire extinguishing system taken account of safety

  • Mounting the automatic fire extinguishing system conforming to SEMI standards, in addition to CO2 gas environment oriented "Algonite gas" is also selectable.

Enhanced Demonstration Environment

  • Please feel free to consult with us anytime, as our demonstration models and evaluation equipment are ready-to-go in Kanto area.


Types Lift-off Processor(Batch type)
Objected product MEMS, LED
Correspondent wafer ⁄ work ø3inch~ø8inch
Correspondent work thickness 200µm~725µm
Clean level Not more than 10 particles in size of 0.2µm or more
Processing method Carrier type, dip process, and down flow
Processing unit 25 pcs.
Dry method Spin Dryer
Option -

Correspondent process

  • Lift-off Process
  • Resist Strip Station

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