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Two-fluid Cleaning Jet

Two-fluid Cleaning Jet

This is suitable for the cleaning process before inputting wafer, the cleaning processes just before and after film forming. and the cleaning process where ultrasonic cleaning is not used. We propose the highly accurate cleaning with purified water. This achieved low-damage processing needed for thin type wafer.


Highly accurate non-chemical cleaning

  • Better cleaning without using chemical liquid
  • Lower environmental burden cleaning equipment

High-level cleaning performance

  • Higher cleaning performance than conventional high-pressure JET and megasonic cleaning

Damage-less cleaning

  • Available for thin wafer process because of low physical damage different from ultrasonic cleaning and spray cleaning.

Variety of options

  • It will result in quality improvement in film forming by serial loading in later processes (excimer UV, atmospheric-pressure plasma, etc.).


Types Scrubber
Objected product for all
Correspondent wafer ⁄ work ø3inch~ø8inch
Correspondent work thickness 200µm~725µm
Clean level Not more than 10 particles in size of 0.2µm or more
Processing method Spinning process; SCARA robot for transfer
Processing unit 1 pc.
Dry method Spin drying
Option Chemical processing, disc brush, ultrasonic, and excimer UV

Correspondent process

  • Particle removal

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