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Scrub Cleaning Processor

Scrub Cleaning Processor

Lower environmental burden device that executes cleaning operation only with purified water in slurry removal process after CMP process, as well as cleaning operations before and after film forming process in the fields of Semiconductors, MEMS, LED. The system is also utilized for particle removal before wafer turning on for the applications in the MEMS and LED fields.


Environmental Impact Reduction

  • Purified water is used to reduce the chemical consumption during scrubbing, cleaning, and drying processes, resulting in eco-friendly cleaning.

Upgrade of Cleaning Process by Back Surface Cleaning

  • Compared with conventional disk brush cleaning, backside cleaning at the same is enabled. This system contributes greatly to the upgrade of cleaning process.

Upgrade of Throughput with Two Sided Simultaneous Cleaning.

  • By two sided simultaneous cleaning, throughput is improved more than any conventional styled scrub cleaning machines.

Contamination Control at Scrubbing Section

  • By two-line configuration of L ⁄ D and the scrubbing unit, totally separated cleaning is enabled for cleaning silica and cerium in the CMP process, as well as cleaning of FEOL and BEOL in the process before and after film forming, that controls cross contamination.

Flexible Brush Selections

  • Besides PVA brush, selection of other brushes such as urethane brush are also available.
  • Selection of a brush matching to the wafer condition is available.

Spin unit with a variety of options

  • Selecting the options Two-fluid Cleaning Jet and Megasonic allows the spin unit to get precise finish cleaning.


Types Single wafer type Scrub Cleaning Processor
Objected product for all
Correspondent wafer ⁄ work ø3inch~ø8inch
Correspondent work thickness 150µm~725µm
Clean level Not more than 10 particles in size of 0.2µm or more
Processing method Spinning process; SCARA robot for transfer
Processing unit 1 pc.
Dry method Spin drying
Option Two-fluid Cleaning Jet And Megasonic

Correspondent process

  • Particle removal
  • Slurry removal after CMP

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