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Dual Arm Robots

Dual Arm Robots

This is used for stack process module and transfers from low position to high position.


Diverse lineup

  • RD300-570, RD300-1050, and RD300-1200 are available.

The equipment designed to have space-saving structure and high speed transfer improved enabled higher throughput.

  • Simultaneous movement of Z-axis 2-step type and 3 step-type and high speed linear track enables high speed transfer.

High speed long telescope at vertical movement Z-1200mm⁄s and lateral linear movement 1000mm⁄s

  • Quick and simultaneous movement of Z-axis 2-step type and 3 step-type to the upper limit
  • Equipped with high speed linear track mechanism


Types Factory Automation
Objected product for all
Correspondent wafer ⁄ work 300mm
Correspondent work thickness SEMI Standards for wafers

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