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High Temperature HF Etching Station

High Temperature HF Etching Station

This can process HF or BHF chemical liquid at high temperature to reduce the etching time and contributes to improvement in the productivity.


Environmental Impact Reduction

  • Reduction of chemical evaporation brought by improving the automatic cover of the processing tank and flowing water toward inside of the cover.

Highly Accurate Etching

  • Usage of double current plate improved the precision of temperature control in the high temperature zone.
  • Usage of Crystal board allows highly accurate etching.

Flexible Driving System

  • Automatic vertical oscillation mechanism (variable speed and stroke) enables flexible process change.


Types Batch Dip Type Etching Equipment
Objected product MEMS
Correspondent wafer ⁄ work ~ø4inch
Option Dryer (Spin Dryer)

Correspondent process

  • HF etching
  • Oxide film etching

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