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Wet Station KJ200

Wet Station KJ200

The conventional 200mm wafer machine, which was shaped up but maintaining its high cleaning performance, was thoroughly verified for reduction of the footprint size and the cost.


High Process Performance

  • Selection of adequate parts free from particle and contamination
  • Proper control of particle adhesion by the unique measures against electrification to chemical liquid and also by our anti-electrostatic FA unit ionizer technology.
  • Our model is equipped with a control system in the processing bath that automatically regulates the circulation flow rate depending on the existence of lot.
  • Our model is equipped with the most updated chemical liquid density control function more stable than the conventional Concentrartion monitor feedback control.
  • Reduction of liquid changing time and improvement in the uniformity between lots difference in quantity brought by the temperature control technology to prevent from overshooting.

High Reliability

  • Our system achieved low stress processing with well deliberated Robot clampers and Wafer stand.
  • Installation of high-speed response scheduler software achieving high throughput

Safety Concept

  • Multiple detection ensuring the safety of transfer-machine
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system devices conform to FM standard
  • Provided with full wafer safety functions complying with CE marking.

Convenient functions for production control and device operation by simple manipulation

  • Equipped with various logging functions
  • Immediate status checking is enabled by the bus monitor


Types Batch dip type cleaning equipment
Objected product DRAM, Flash, LSI
Correspondent wafer ⁄ work ø150~ø200mm
Correspondent work thickness ø150mm : 675±25µm, 200mm : 725±25µm
Clean level ≥0.2µm not more than 30 particles
Processing unit 25 pieces and 50 pieces
Dry method Mg ⁄ D, S ⁄ D
Option High performance ultrasonic wave system

Correspondent process

  • RCA cleaning
  • Particle removal
  • Nitride film removal
  • Oxide film removal
  • Polymer removal
  • Resist Strip Station

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