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Wet Station KJ300

Wet Station KJ300

The system contributes to production of the most updated devices with the world top class accuracy and toughness.


Foot-print saving design to more effective using of Clean Room

  • Space-saving is achieved by adopting the one sided access.
  • Installation of independent lifter transfer machine at each processing bath, Reduction in the size of processing bath and also reduction in the chemical liquid consumption are achieved at the same time.
  • Electrical equipment BOX, Megasonic, cooling drain bath, etc. are stored in the unit. The device installation layout in Clean Room is simplified.

Realizing high throughput

  • High-speed transfer is achieved by inner stocker flexible operation
  • Speed of each operation is increased by arranging the hands respectively dedicated to each process of before and after processes.
  • Transferring between tanks is performed in the most efficient manner by flexibly selecting the lot delivery tank.
  • The system contributes to the productivity improvement by adopting scheduler CPU system that can select the best recipe by an easy operation.

Excellent process performance

  • Stable temperature control is achieved by quick response management system
  • Optimized density control of chemical liquid is by controlling the liquid refill volume by introducing an innovative system.
  • Installation of automatic circulation flow volume control system that enables shifting appropriately between low flow and high flow rate.
  • Reduction of feed volume of chemical liquid to improve the rinsing effect (saving consumption of purified water)
  • Adoption of drying equipment IMD2 that enable to show wide-range of process margin by easy setting.

High reliability in the safe operation supported by our experience

  • Smooth handling is achieved by stubborn wafer transfer robot and lifter.
  • Enabling to process with "low stress to wafer" by the adoption of scooping-up type chucking method.

Sophisticated safety designing

  • Various safety features and thorough wafer security functions are provided.

Easy operation and useful controlling function

  • Visible and easy operation is provided by adopting various logging system including a trend graph.


Types Batch dip type cleaning equipment
Objected product DRAM, flush, and LSI
Correspondent wafer ⁄ work ø300mm
Correspondent work thickness ø300mm : 775±25µm
Clean level ≥0.12µm not more than 30 particles
Processing unit 25 pieces and 50 pieces
Dry method IMD2
Option Ultrasonic system

Correspondent process

  • RCA cleaning
  • Particle removal
  • Nitride film removal
  • Oxide film removal
  • Polymer removal
  • Resist Strip Station

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