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Manual Spin Cleaning Processor(GPC series)

Manual Spin Cleaning Processor(GPC series)

This spin cleaning equipment enabled final cleaning of glass blanks and Cr mask boards. A variety of functions available for highly accurate processing.



  • Scrub cleaning with nylon brush and PVA sponge brush. Provided with self-cleaning function to keep the brush clean.

Variety of cleaning types available

  • Ultrasonic cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, twin-fluid cleaning (N2 + purified water), and N2 blowing


  • High speed spin drying

Measures for static electricity

  • CO2 ionizer equipped with for prevention of static electricity

Clean booth specifications

  • Clean booths selectable as your need

Chemical treatment system

  • Chemical processings such as SPM are available at your option.


Types Manual mask cleaning equipment
Objected product for all
Correspondent wafer ⁄ work Mask board : 4 inch to 32 inch square
wafer : 4 to 8inch
Processing unit 1 pc.
Dry method Spin drying
Option Twin-fluid nozzle, CO2 ionizer, and chemical processing system

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