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Semiautomatic Si Etching Station

Semiautomatic Si Etching Station

Very easy and simple operation; limited production of diversified products is available for mass production machine to laboratory-scale machine. Rotary oscillation and concentration meter for concentration control of chemical liquid are equipped with on its compact body.


Compact design

  • Space-saving is achieved by changing the concept of loader and unloader

Rotation ⁄ oscillation mechanism provided

  • Contributed to the improvement in uniformity between batches by speed-controlled rotation.
  • Contributed to the improvement in uniformity and processing speed by the oscillation system with variable stroke and cycle speed.
  • This enables to design flexible processing recipe with many parameter functions.

Chemical liquid concentration control system

  • Critical concentration control is achieved by usage of ultrasonic concentration meter or ultrasonic + conductivity meter. Measures for foams that affect on the detection of the concentration has been taken.

Prevention of crystallization due to decrease in chemical temperature

  • Measures are taken at each critical point to prevent lumping.


Types Batch Dip Type Etching Equipment
Objected product MEMS, etc
Correspondent wafer ⁄ work ø6inch~ø8inch (compatible)
Correspondent work thickness 150µm~725µm
Clean level Not more than 10 particles in size of 0.2µm or more
Processing method Carrier transfer and dip-type
Processing unit 25 pcs.
Dry method Not provided
(*) Separately, the system can be combined with a drying unit.
Option -

Correspondent process

  • Silicon Etching
  • Sacrificial Layer Etching
  • Metal Etching

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