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Lift-off Processor(Single wafer type)

Lift-off Processor(Single wafer type)

Equipment dedicated to lift-off process will be as high auto/low spec manual machines suitable to your applications including massproduction and research/development.


Reinforcement of lift off releasing force

  • In addition to conventional layer stripping off actions of swelling, swing, and ultrasonic action, we have newly added peeling off with "strong down flow" that enabled Flaking off in a short time

Re-adhesion of sludge is shut out completely by two functions

  • For prevention of recurrence of sticking, it is designed to surely prevent suludge accumulation in the vesselis by purging sludges from the vessel to a single direction of the downstream.
  • Our spray jet system perfectly removes sludge slightly remaining on the surface of the wafer when it is lifted up from the flaking off tank.

Spin unit that can select abundant processing variations

  • It is possible to set up Two-fluid Cleaning Jet that answers advanced Clean level in the spin unit by the option.
  • High-pressure and chemical processing, etc. can be selected.

Scalar robot in which transfer can be done at high speed is installed.

  • Scalar robot in which it comes and goes at high speed in the device to give throughput is installed.
  • The hands for after processesing and before processesing can be used separately for cross contamination prevention.

Abundant variations

  • Line-ups widely extended from high-spec systems to manual operation low-spec machines, as well as each applications for research and development etc.

Enhanced demonstration environment

  • Please feel free to consult with us anytime, as our demonstration models and evaluation equipment are ready-to-go in Kanto area.

Sludge recovery percentage improvement

  • Perfect separation of sludge from the chemical liquid in the cycled line allowed by more efficient sludge collection

Fire extinguishing system from which safety is considered

  • Best Fire extinguishing system is adopted by the standard.


Types Lift-off Processor(Single wafer type)
Objected product MEMS, LED
Correspondent wafer ⁄ work ø3inch~ø8inch
Correspondent work thickness 200µm~725µm
Clean level Not more than 10 particles in size of 0.2µm or more
Processing method Spin process, career type, and dip + down flow
Processing unit 1 pc.
Dry method Spin drying
Option Two-fluid Cleaning Jet, Megasonic, high-pressure

Correspondent process

  • Lift-off Process
  • Resist Strip Station

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