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Communication Software

Communication Software

It is a package software to install the SECS ⁄ GEM communication function for the semiconductor manufacturing equipment. A simulator to calculate the throughput and analyze the bottle-neck of the semiconductor manufacturing equipment.


Line-ups : LTGem and TXferSim


LTGem is a package software to install the SECS (Semiconductor Equipment Communications Standard) communication function for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Using the defined script allows the semiconductor manufacturing equipment to turn into one in compliance with the GEM (Generic Equipment Model) standards.


It can simulate the wafer transfer in the semiconductor manufacturing equipment configured with various mechanisms, such as process chamber, transfer robot, and EFEM, to determine the throughput and bottle-neck of the manufacturing equipment.


Types software
Objected product for all
Correspondent wafer ⁄ work 50-300mm
Correspondent work thickness 50-300mm

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