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Spin Dryer

Spin Dryer


Wide Variations

  • Wafers available in various sizes and selectable between Manual and In-line types.
  • Desk-top type useful for MEMS ⁄ LED studies is also available.

Solutions Against Contamination

  • The special sealing structure adopted to the bearing mechanism prevents contamination at the sliding part
  • Usage of strictly chosen materials and our excellent processing technologies enables to perfectly shut-out of any adverse impact on the wafer

Reduction of Stress to Wafer

  • Damage-less system is developed that allows to reduce stress to the wafer likely to be broken (as option).


Types Spin Dryer
Objected product for all
Correspondent wafer ⁄ work ø3inch~ø8inch
Correspondent work thickness 150µm~725µm
Clean level Particle: Not more than 10 particles in size of 0.2µm or more
Processing unit Batch-type = 1 to 4 carriers
Desk-top type = 1 pc.
Dry method Spin drying
Option (1) Auto-balancer
(2) Compatible for wafer with a different bore diameter
(3) Damage-less system
(4) Auto-dumper
(5) Ionizer

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