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Texture Processor

Texture Processor

Automated operation of forming a texture on the silicon wafer surface, alkali treatment or acid-mixing, and then rinsing and drying.


Equipment suitable for strong acid/strong alkali treatment

  • Equipment is fabricated by our experts fully familiar with the properties of fluorine, based on our know-how and its performances of strong acid resistance and strong alkali resistance, well experience in the wet cleaning processes in manufacturing semiconductors and our own fluorine processing technologies.

Equipment design taken account of saving liquid and saving energy

  • The equipment is designed taking account of reduction in running-cost of the processes that use large volume of chemical liquid and rinsing liquid, as well as saving energy. We are always researching the shape of a tank and any systems more suitable to the processes.

Solution for solar battery cells getting thinner

  • Solar battery cells getting thinner caused apparent problem where wafers contact each other. We solved this problem by a small improvement in the cell transfer condition.

In-lined processes

  • The process line is automatically connected to its just-before process line as well as its just-after process line by connecting it to the plant's transfer system. Data communication with the plant to improve the production control.


Types Texture Processor
Objected product Solar Cell
Correspondent wafer ⁄ work 125~155mm, ø4 " ~6 "
Correspondent work thickness 150µm~
Processing method Carrier Type And Dip Type
Processing unit 200 pcs.
Dry method Hot-Air Drying
Option -

Correspondent process

  • Texture Etching

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