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Wet Station TH300

Wet Station TH300

Cleaning and drying technology that have been cultivated by TOHO KASEI, the pioneer of cleaning technologies for about 40 years concentrated to the development of 300mm device. We also enjoy higher reliability in the up-to-date field where our cleaning technologies supported by the results in the diverse fields were input.


TH300-series with wide variations

  • We are providing diverse lineup including batch-type dip, multi-chamber type dip as well as single bus type dip in order to satisfy customers diversified demand.

Our system has excellent processing performance to correspond with the state-of-the-art devices.

  • Corresponds with half pitch processing that achieves High-throughput.
  • Corresponds to carrier-less transfer that improves the process performance.
  • W ⁄ F mapping system is installed in the stocker that can store 14FOUP.
  • V notch alignment function and the Face to Face function are installed.

High Process Performance

  • Uniform circulation is achieved with the best simplified processing tank structure and our originally developed optimum circulation supply nozzles.
  • On the basis of our high Fluoropolymer processing technologies and knowledge on Fluoropolymer characteristics, generation of particles and contamination are properly controlled by selecting and processing optimum parts and materials.
  • Higher uniformity of temperature, higher uniformity of circulation, higher etching rate, and higher uniformity of etching are achieved.
  • Available for a higher level cleaning process brought by Vapor-less type IPA replacement dryer that achieved water-mark less drying.
  • Higher etching rate and selection ratio are achieved by our originally developed control system. PAT (patent)

Consideration to safety

  • Safety design in accordance with SEMI standard.
  • A seismic stress to the device is simulated and fed back to the design.

Device design based on the rich experimental data

  • The processing tank is designed on the basis of the fluid analysis, and the improvement of uniformity and shortening the resistance recovery time ratio are achieved.
  • Any desired process of customers can be executed by using in-house experimental facility. The experiment results are reflected to device designing to provide optimum devices.


Types Batch dip type cleaning equipment
Objected product Memory, LSI, and discrete
Correspondent wafer ⁄ work ø300mm
Correspondent work thickness 725µm
Clean level Not more than 30 particles in size of 0.16µm or more
Processing method Carrier transfer, Carrier-less transfer, and half pitch processing
Processing unit 25 pieces and 50 pieces
Dry method S ⁄ D, V ⁄ D, TMD
Option Density management for * SECS Ⅰ and Ⅱ for OHT and for ON-LINE, HSMS, and GEM

Correspondent process

  • RCA cleaning
  • Particle removal
  • Nitride film removal
  • PAT (patent)
  • Oxide film removal
  • Polymer removal
  • Resist Strip Station

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