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IPA Replacement Dryer

IPA Replacement Dryer

Our originally developed water-mark-less drying equipment. A variety of line-ups are available, such as stand-alone type and in-line type, both useful for 150mm to 300mm wafer. Its lower IPA consumption contributed to reduction in environmental impact.


Water-Mark-Less Drying

Moisture on the wafer surface can be removed without wafer contacting with atmosphere after rinsing, resulting in limiting to form water-mark.

Reduction of Particle Stuck

It can inhibit particle sticking on the wafer surface because of the water surface tension acting to pull the micro-particles diffused in liquid.

Reduction in running cost

IPA consumption decreased to nearly 10 %, compared to the conventional vapor IPA drying (in-house comparison). Running cost can be reduced.

Achievement in High-Throughput

Quicker drying and higher throughput is achieved than conventional vapor IPA drying.


Types IPA Replacement Dryer
Objected product Memory, LSI, and discrete
Correspondent wafer ⁄ work ø150 ~ ø300mm
Correspondent work thickness 525 ~ 725um
Clean level Not more than 10 particles in size of 0.2µm or more
Processing unit 25 pieces and 50 pieces
Dry method IPA replacement drying
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Control of IPA concentration in the drain fluid

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